Anita and Bethany are two of four GIG Design performance coaches who are passionately engaging people in meaningful activities at work, home, and in all aspects of their life. Our Clients include businesses and people that seek to be the best in their industry. An average of 70% employees nationwide are costing businesses competitive advantages, inflated issues due to absenteeism, presenteeism, poor health, misguided wellbeing. Additional high-priced outcomes are the effects of splintered teamwork and re-hiring due to turnover. Why are these employees so costly? Their work is less meaningful because something else greater is distracting them. GIG Design performance coaches reduce those meaningless periods of time that return costly outcomes for the individual and the employer. One session with us will reveal performance issues. Continued services up to one year measures improvements within the seven outcomes and six behaviors we measure.



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Information System
For one year become a member of our information system as a GIG Design Member. Membership is a resou...
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Single Visits and Products
People Care is our group of single visits and products for those initiating performance coaching in
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Individual Coaching Packages
Coaching packages offer discounted grouped sessions including three individual coaching packages and
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Business Packages
Our business packages accommodates every business size with evidence-based measured services. We ave...
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Workplace Webinars
GIG Workplace Webinars offers one, 50-minute group coaching session accessible at the convenience of
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Food Allergy
As food allergy issues are rising so is food service for those dining with health needs. Restaurants
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The Solution: Sit or Stand
The Solution: Sit or Stand
It's recognized that the solution to share with those who sit for a long time isn't to tell them to stand or get more exercise. In fact, standing too long has more health consequences then s...
How to Improve Poor Workplace Social Skills
How to Improve Poor Workplace Social Skills
There's a work proverb that may hit a tender spot and it goes like this: "anytime means no time". It lowers workplace social skills with an easy out to reply 'anytime' rather than committing...
How to Motivate Work Days as Endless Meaningful Activities
How to Motivate Work Days as Endless Meaningful Activities
Last week over 50% of attendees bailed on a workshop. The subject was meeting and managing stress. Employees didn't have the time due to reported demanding deadlines. Additional reports were...

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