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GIG Design offers employee performance coaching for businesses that seek to be the best. An average of 70% employees nationwide cost businesses customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover, absenteeism, accidents and theft. Our coaches reduce costly outcomes by identifying then solving health and design matters that are impacting employee work behaviors. GIG Design’s method improves competitive advantage, productivity, health and wellbeing with personalized, multi-application, repeatable strategies.

Improving Competitive Advantage
Improving Productivity
Improving Employee Health & Wellbeing
Reducing Turnover
Reducing Presenteeism & Absenteeism


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HR Academy
How Stress Spreads and Methods To Avoid It
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Bedtime Strategies for 3 Different Sleep Issues
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Being Tolerable When the Unexpected Keeps Occurring
Performance Growth Once Boredom Is Detected
If Seeking Greater EQ Then Improve Self-Awareness
Overcome Anger, Fear, and Stress One Surprise at a Time
How to Use Patterned Play To Overcome Adversity
How to Gain Optimal Results in Every Situation
Why Destructive Behaviors May Be Performance Supporting Tactics
Why Contextual Factors Improve Workplace Performance and Design
This Chemical In Your Body Increases Creativity
Six Key Employee and Workplace Contextual Elements
One Free Performance Resource For The Active Listener
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Talking to Yourself Will Develop Performance
When Work Routines Are Necessary or Not
24 Alternative Work Postures
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The Sit or Stand Ordeal Is Suspicious to Research Bias
Body Mechanics to Better Your Health
Sensation to React
Facts About The Relationship Between Stress and Sleep
Distraction Coping Strategy To Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed
Post Traumatic Growth
The Clear Advantage To a Furnished Space with Inspiring Objects
8 Easy Freebies For Guaranteed Body Support At Work or For Travel
How I Dynamically Liberate Spunk Day or Night
Clarity On The Meaning of Wellbeing
Relaxing is Healthy
Create a Trust Environment
Nine Ways To Achieving Magnificent Performance Outcomes
Assure Freedom From Injury With This Effective Posture Checklist
Provoke Performance With Blissful Sensations
12 Posture Tips To Energize, Add Grace, Ease Aging
One of These Three Stress Responses Will Empower You To Boost Performance
People, Places, Things: Be Exposed to the Vibrant
How Sounds Reclaim Life, Boosts Performance, and Surrenders Agony
Boost Sleep
Impact of Decision Making
Our Gut Brain
What Is Sensory Regulation?
Texture May Arouse Emotional Workplace Behaviors

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Online services measuring performance across 180-days
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Reduce barriers to work behaviors, tasks, and environment factors
Assess: $295 per employee. Discounts apply with group packages. The Assess package is one excellen...
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Distinguish skills, patterns, habits, and interactions supporting performance
Discover: $595 per employee. Discounts apply with group packages. The Discover package provides em
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Untapped resources empower work outcomes
Equip: $995 per employee. Discounts apply with group packages. With the Equip package employees le
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Reoccurring creative problem-solving and active listening
Basic: Membership + five employees. With the Basic package all employees receive Membership to acc...
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Uniting employee values with workplace culture, mission, and vision
Business: Membership + Unlimited employees. Group packages are available for small teams, small an...
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"I love the combination of OT knowledge and realistic design. I was able to find and ultimately change a part of my life that I have been wanting to but in a positive manner. The tree model helped me discover and evolve aspects of my relationships." Health Care Professional, Erin H. Implementing d...
Design Thinking Strategies Improves Tolerance
Design Thinking Strategies Improves Tolerance
"Thanks for helping me, I'm starting to do better...and your design is as great as your OT skills!!!" Screenwriter , Randy T. GIG Design collaborates on work spaces improving: work station to role and tasks, diet behaviors, leisure, play needs, and interdependent roles. CASE STUDY Work Enviro...
How Design Empowers and Boosts Collaboration, Production, and Health
How Design Empowers and Boosts Collaboration, Production, and Health
“GIG Design has helped me to set and achieve my goals by focusing on taking small realistic steps and visualizing the entire process from start to finish utilizing the tree model.”   Executive & Producer, Jeremy W. Sensory-based performance strategies improving: responses to attend to task, re
Stop Selfish Behaviors With Vibrancy For Success
Stop Selfish Behaviors With Vibrancy For Success
"We don't fight over what to put in the corner anymore!" Small Business Owner, Amy B. Coping with relationship mechanisms setting cultural standards in employee behavioral standards improving: physical and non-physical relationship to time, implementation of expectations of culture, and comprehen...
Had Enough of Behavior Standard Conflicts? Empower Peacemaking
Had Enough of Behavior Standard Conflicts? Empower Peacemaking
"Thank you for your ability to listen, observe and make me feel at home with you." Doctor of Psychology, Pam K. Incorporating modified product use for improving: regulation of behaviors, attention to performance needs, and modification of telecommute and work space settings, CASE STUDY Workplac...
Ignite A Culture Destiny Into Creative, Timely, Collaborative Behaviors
Ignite A Culture Destiny Into Creative, Timely, Collaborative Behaviors
"Well thought out...good visual cues as Anita guided us to what ultimately became a brainstorming session for each space or item to be addressed." Small Business Owner, Brian F. Collaborating to modify work purpose + tools + furnishings improving: stress management, organization skills, attention ...
Expose Stressors to Reclaim Purpose, Improve Organization, Energize Relationships
Expose Stressors to Reclaim Purpose, Improve Organization, Energize Relationships
"We were able to meet each employee's specific needs as well as create a lovely collaboration area for the team." Department Manager, David H. Customizing health resources and surroundings to fit employee and cultural performance needs by solving for: food cravings, response to lighting, sleep an...
Flush Productivity and Conspiracy Theories With Unique and Vibrant Design
Flush Productivity and Conspiracy Theories With Unique and Vibrant Design

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Three Performance Factors Used to Resolve Big Problems
Three Performance Factors Used to Resolve Big Problems
While scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across Simon Sinek's post of a quote from Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick. An image of a mosquito was paired with the quote: "If you think you are...
How To Thrive When You Are Hypersensitive to Environments
How To Thrive When You Are Hypersensitive to Environments
Often simply thinking about being in a certain place at a certain time is exhausting. When this is most often the case then it there may be a hypersensitive tendency. Awareness of sensory ne...
Why Inhaling Lavender or Coffee Effects Work
Why Inhaling Lavender or Coffee Effects Work
Inhaling scents directly effects moodiness. A scent like coffee may become a game changer in the workplace. Yet, which scents are truly helping or hindering work? Unity, health, and confiden


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