Shared Equity
Strengthening qualities of a collective system.
Actionable Outcomes
Untapped resources elevates achievements.
Can Do Attitude
Stimulating and reframing insight.

Evidence of Progress

Personalized success

Employees Chose


We are performance coaches engaging people in to meaningful roles, activities, and cultures.


Using tools like metaphors to guide process, craft to facilitate awareness, and stimuli to nudge action, we facilitate performance to help you engage with meaning in your roles that builds business outcomes through you and your ideas.

Learn how to improve your performance.

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Shared Equity

“Well thought out…good visual cues as Anita guided us to what ultimately became a brainstorming session for each space or item to be addressed.” Technology Industry, Principal, Brian F.




“I love the combination of OT knowledge and realistic design. I was able to find and ultimately change a part of my life that I have been wanting to but in a positive manner. The tree model helped me discover and evolve aspects of my relationships.” Nonprofit Industry, Therapist, Erin H.

Can Do Attitude

“Thanks for helping me, I’m starting to do better…and your design is as great as your OT skills!!!”  Entertainment Industry, Screenwriter , Randy T.



“We were able to meet each employee’s specific needs as well as create a lovely collaboration area for the team.” Non-Profit Industry, Manager, David H.


“GIG Design has helped me to set and achieve my goals by focusing on taking small realistic steps and visualizing the entire process from start to finish utilizing the tree model.”  Entertainment Industry, Producer, Jeremy W.