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Last week a group of women I socialize with began to discuss relational stress. By sharing our experiences, we learned the cause of our core stress was poor communication.

The countless ways to immediately contact one another today including the computer, cell phone, landline, and various wireless signals are taking the place of connecting in person. Our conversation covered how we move less from one floor to another within a building, a home, or a drive across town.

Rarely do we use our pencils, paper, and scissors. Most of us turn to social media to respond to others. Anxiety is rising and social media is one mechanism that is pulling the trigger. 40 million American adults fall into debilitating uncertainty or fear (NIMH). In the midst of our feelings we often follow social norms or trends.

Social media is one reflex to pain. The immediate perception for the one in pain may be of a culture, relationship, or environment appearing pain-free. They seek what visually appears delightful.

Our primary means to communicate is with words. Before computers we wrote thoughts, imagined by sketching, loved by gift-giving or parcel mail. We created random things like meals together.

Togetherness brings so much more opportunity for laughter.

Most keepsakes and memories are now technology produced, like emojis or sharing on someone’s wall. Within the mind the sensation is felt or perceived. Pair it with body movement and that sensation will register into working memory. Neuroscientists beckon primary use of sensations to stimulate learning.

Begin to reduce stress with these next steps:

  1. Write, speak, or draw out issues and steps to resolve them.
  2. Listen and look. What’s¬†surrounding you that provokes healthy and unhealthy action?
  3. Communicate with movement to enable the brain to adapt and change.
  4. Share what your body is communicating with others.
  5. Take a trip.
  6. Share your smile.
  7. Leave a note.

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DESIGN^taste | In context of relationship to time cook a meal with someone, host a meal, deliver a meal.


DESIGN^joint & muscle | In the occupation of play gather your work peers to make a pinnate then have it at on a work break.


DESIGN^under-responder | In sense of a built environment that is role specific consider space efficient to exercise your creative muscle.

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