As a kid, on the weekends we use to break out the dress-up box and slip on dresses, fur coats, trench coats & top off our look with an old lady church hat. Between the five girls on the Baxterly Ave block, we would throw double weddings or funerals or explore the backyard filling containers with worms and twigs or lightning bugs.

Every day was another adventure and a chance to create a new story. This played a huge role in life.

Stories bring us understanding and give us freedom from ourselves.  They let us explore another world without leaving the comforts of our everyday life.  In essence, we all have our own story.  We tell stories every day.  Although now there are no longer elaborate dress-up tea parties or witches in our stories,

I still create stories to help bring understanding to the world around me.

Sometimes it’s just sitting in the airport, people watching and making up stories of how people are related or where they’re going.  Other times, it’s making up new uses for dental tools to help calm those butterflies while sitting in the dentist’s office.

All of these little stories are significant. They lead into the bigger life picture.

Students I facilitate occupational therapy sessions with began writing stories about superheroes.  As part of our drafting, we created an outline – series of events & introductions – to tell our superheroes’ story.  Without a pause they were able to develop similar outlines which included: Fight the bad guy, get the girl, happy ending!

When we look forward to our own life we all have a big picture view of our timeline. Some even create deadlines. “I WILL get married by August!”

Yet somehow we tend to get stuck on weird milestones of our life. 

Whether it’s that certain dreaded age that suddenly hits you hard or a defining transition in life.  None of these are the same for everyone.  At some point we end up losing that big picture approach and fall victim to feeling “stuck” in time.

The big milestone has hit me already this year. Transitions are coming and forcing me to think of the future.  Where am I going to live and work next year?  Everyone has already began asking and it is like a little black rain cloud that looms over every area – friends, family, work.  I’ve only begun to realize recently that this is truly what is gnawing away at me because…

…the concrete future reality is always uncertain.

My sleep has been scant and I wake up throughout the night.  The remedy has been initiating more interest in the everyday things: doing laundry, dishes, cooking.  All of those things put me into ‘go-mode’.

Feelings that come with accomplishment is rhythmic movement, a sense of freedom.

This includes freeing myself from the unknowns. Storytelling results in a creative wellbeing. It gives direction towards what I understand as reality and the important necessities in life. These everyday things become my story. They are something tangible that brings me back and helps maintain sanity.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

Song of the week:
Beck – Earthquake Weather


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