A thirty-one year old Client was being supplemented by three liters of oxygen 24 hours a day. One day the tank wasn’t turned on for the first thirty minutes of our time together. This occurrence is equivalent to a healthy body surviving one day on three ounces of water – including shower water.

Have you heard of a pulsoximeter?

It’s a handheld device that hugs a¬†finger tip to measure the percentage of oxygen in your blood stream. They are everywhere in the health care industry but used most often for those that require oxygen supplemented.

The body’s oxygen saturation is adequate for the organs to thrive when it registers above 96%. Oxygen reduces pain, nourishes blood, feeds your immune system, keeps your brain healthy, provides energy…only to name a few of the lifestyle assets it beholds.

Self monitoring is a powerful tool that will define facts and feelings of our reality.

This day I repeatedly checked the oxygen saturation level on the pulsoximeter but was unaware the tank was off.

The first reading registered at 92% but the recovery over three minutes brought a 96% reading. This scenario repeated three times over ten minutes of activity. The fourth check there was no recovery. When we concluded to increase the oxygen supplemented through the tank from three to four liters we learned the oxygen tank wasn’t on!

What would your response to this be?

It was a defining moment. We were overjoyed to learn that over ten minutes the lungs equipped oxygen to circulate near normal.

How are you measuring what keeps you thriving in live, work or play environments?


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