The word “alone” can mean different things. For instance, the single business, self-employed person may work alone. Going through a morning routine, doing a crossword puzzle, or cleaning the house are all activities that may be done during alone time.

Often employees would be ecstatic to have alone time in place of work time around numerous or sometimes one person. However, there are other moments when being alone can be uncomfortable or down right scary.

Being alone triggers spirit-based behaviors.

Performance relies on the spirit of an individual. At GIG Design spiritual behavior is one part of design sensibility. It establishes actionable behaviors within purpose-seeking and existence. Examples of spiritual behaviors are hope, resiliency, and value-based support for discovering and acting on ways to thrive.

Spirituality empowers meaningfulness within performance.

Alone time is a health resource. We all experience it. What is done within that time may trigger growth and success.

Questions to Ask:
  1. What is one role that has a clear direction for living?
  2. Why may alone time be useful for reaching a new level in this role?
  3. How may alone time be useful for work roles?

Mastering a spiritual behavior includes investing time alone for reviewing behavior outcomes in relationship to desired performance outcomes. This includes personal outcomes, professional outcomes, and the desired outcomes of the surrounding relationships in the workplace, home, and community.

Learn what strengths and barriers exist within spiritual behaviors with our Asses Package. Below are design-thinking strategies that have been used in support of improving spiritual behaviors.

DESIGN^interceptive | refresh reactions to (others) aging with history on your plate. Family Tree Personalized Platter – Rust Designs
DESIGN^hear | an app with ambiance noise for meditation, yoga, sleep. Relax Melodies – iLBsoft
DESIGN^over-responsivety | bedroom interior designed to achieve your best self if exaggerated, negative responses is a typical sensory experience

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