“I love the combination of OT knowledge and realistic design. I was able to find and ultimately change a part of my life that I have been wanting to but in a positive manner. The tree model helped me discover and evolve aspects of my relationships.”       E. Harrington, Therapist
“Thanks for helping me, I’m starting to do better…and your design is as great as your OT skills!!!” R. Tuggle, Screenwriter
“(Thank you for) your ability to listen, observe and make me feel at home with you.” P. King, Professor

At GIG Design we understand behaviors are complicated. So, this is why our team blends health and design professionals. Since behavior issues are also external issues we take on tasks and environments. This is what we mean by whole-being performance.

Whole-being is managing all cues that navigate accomplishments.

Working behaviors are a cross-performance of internal and external cues from physical, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, social, and also emotional factors. Therefore, our services facilitate individual’s to optimal awareness of these behaviors. Due to their fresh insight, desires to change are empowered. In conclusion, behavior patterns unite a culture to becoming more healthy, productive, and safe.

Occupational science and design thinking fabricates our powerful strategies. Each individual completes quantitative and qualitative assessments for measuring outcomes. Most noteworthy is our Lifestyle Assessment. The data is measured and graphs progress across 180 days.

Also, we use a Whole-being Performance kit. As a result of this interactive kit an individual initiates and explores health resources. The kit follows our Tree Model to equip employees with an automatic process to achieving goals.

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