WholeBeSM measures an average of 80% effectiveness in performance improvement. Evidence-based outcomes include competitive advantage, productivity, employee health and wellbeing while reducing risks in employee turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism.

WholeBeSM facilitates a method of self-direction that directly improves loyalty and profitability while exposing behaviors that result in absenteeism, accidents, defects, theft, and turnover.

  • Each discussion builds self-care awareness resulting in improved capabilities to be alert.
  • Revealing situational behaviors leads to trialing opportunities for enriching personal and peer roles.
  • Our tools empower creative perspectives resulting in motivation to problem-solve, communicate, and apply ideas.
  • Each session leads a process of task-to-role applications for rewarding purpose-seeking experiences including resiliency, hope, and value-based outcomes.
  • Contributory roles ignite the desire to unite personal and workplace values within work roles.
  • Our coaches foster acceptance that builds awareness of feelings for producing stress-managers and transference from thought to action.

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