Severe future health issues may occur if there pain or numbness is presently ignored in the hand, arm, leg or foot. Temporary pain remedies may cause transference of the core issue. Listed below are three safe remedies to stop persisting pain.

Seek multiple opinions with an interdisciplinary team.

A variety of specialized professionals provide alternative perspectives that may be missed with one. The value of a team approach reduces error. A team may include a chiropractor, occupational therapist, ergonomist, physical therapist, doctor, and massage therapist. Seek referrals and weigh out opinions with a trusted source.

Personally log daily activities and behaviors over a 3 to 6 weeks. 

Record keeping assists to manage budget and time. Awareness of body responses through attention to cause and effect may reduce costly appointments, medications, and products used to treat or reduce pain symptoms. Refrain from impulsive or persuasive purchasing before understanding the core issue. Clarity improves consumerism and reduces waste, money, and time.

Confirm what sensations are fueling the pain. 

Awareness of potential contributors may lead to cause and effect. Contributors may include diet, scents, sounds, textures, furnishings, visual and physical movements. These may be foundational sources causing the pain. Ruling out potential pain sources are an additional way to reduce costly remedies that don’t remove the core cause.

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