The short stories in Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki instantly empowers. Kiyosaki continuously reminds readers to “mind your own business” with the metaphor that dollar bills are an employee. They work for performance outcome. This helped me to appreciate that all the personal resources we choose are literally our employees.

The form and function of furnishings we use work for us to accomplish sleeping, sitting, and eating. Every object we own provides an outcome including ease of usability, longevity of wear-and-tear, storability, and ownership advantages.

Words are our employees. Thoughts expressed are resources providing returns we hope to anticipate. Destructive words have outcomes. Supportive words have outcomes. Expressed words are employees investing in value-creation while thoughts are like employees looking for work.

Communities we use become employees accomplishing or hindering goals. Classrooms, work-spaces, restaurants, bars, hospitals…each service and collaborate on our investments.

Behaviors are also employees. Behaviors are responses that effect surroundings. Littering as an employee invests in contrary outcomes to ecology. Anger responses resource hostility.

To ‘mind our own business’ with resources as employees they would be working for return-on-investment for growth in productivity, competitive advantages, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, improved health and wellbeing.

Elective power is reflective in our words, behaviors and surroundings. Everything directly influences an outcome with returns for profit or disadvantage.