Try this: stand up, feet together, then close your eyes. Attempt to stay that way as long as your able to tolerate it while taking note to the feelings your body feeds you.

Sight uses one of ten body structures in our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It maintains and coordinates body functions. Researchers identified how sight effects organs phases of rest and activity. Below is the results (Willbarger and Willbarger 2012).

Structure  | Rest & Digest | Fight-Flight

  • Iris (eye muscle)| Pupil constriction | Pupil dilation
  • Heart  | Rate & force decrease | Rate & force increase
  • Stomach  | Increase peristalsis | Reduce peristalsis
  • Lung  | Bronchial muscle contracts | Bronchial muscle relax
  • Small Intestine | Digestion increase | Motility reduce
  • Large Intestine  | Secretion/motility increase | Motility reduce
  • Liver  | Antagonistic to glycogen | Conversion of glycogen
  • Kidney  | Increase urine secretion | Decrease urine secretion
  • Adrenal Medulla| Epinephrine secrete | Reduce epinephrine secretion
  • Bladder | Wall contracts; sphincter relax | wall relax; sphincter close

Sight requires being awake. Our emotional lifestyle navigates by collaborating with sight. What is in sight may distract you. We nourish or distract health and wellbeing through what we see.  Sight triggers rest, digestion, and coping. Habits may be provoked by built-in or natural environments. Lifestyle Redesign weight management program addresses food being in view, including peers diet lifestyle effects (Scaffia and Reitz 2013).

There are individuals that benefit from studying in an active and crowded cafe where as others may be visually overstimulated, leading to poor concentrate. This may be the challenge when a work meeting location is appointed.  Refrain from being flexible on the location. Suggest alternative cafe’s that suit your body’s need to focus. WholeBe Toolkits use an extraordinary method to identify what sensations your body thrives from.

You have the ability to use visual stimulation for your better health.

GIG Design | Emotional Lifestyle


DESIGN^that inspires | Personal beliefs and customs identified by art hung in line of sight may trigger wellbeing in a healthy moral direction.


DESIGN^that inspires | Visually retreat into a leisure space that is muted, natural color, and has a single directed visual attraction.


DESIGN^that inspires | Sensory cravers seek light to stare into. These muted lamps are soft on the eyes.
Willbarger and Wilbarger, Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach, 2001, revised 2012, Neurological Systems Review, p27
Scafia, Marjorie E., Reitz, Maggie S., F.A. Davis, Occupational Therapy Community-Based Practice Settings, 2013, pp 381-382

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