I don’t know about you but when I need to change without waiver I need the end goal to be on repeat in my mind. To do this I surround myself with what will inspire change.

The first time I knowingly created wall alerts was when I was in middle school. Every inch of my walls were covered with images and words that inspired me to be more creative, to be more healthy.  Perhaps,  not the most glamorous work of art at the time but I genuinely reached my heart through various mediums to gain loving self-support towards change.

Thirty years later I still do this because it works! Creative wall alerts may be designed unique to your need and style while exploring the use of a variety of mediums. Below are examples used over the past ten years that effectively changed personal behaviors.

GIG Design | Physical Lifestyle


This crafted shelving unit is a contextual support with personal belief elements incorporated as montage material.


Here is the WholeBe Toolkit at work to address the occupation of self-care in setting diet goals.


Built environment visual elements may support achievement of physical goals.