Vanilla Is The New Superfood

Some of us at GIG have nixed sugar in support of improving performance. Seeking ways to get that ‘sweet’ something took a turn. It’s not out of craving but joy.

Jelly Belly’s and licorice jelly beans are ultimate favorites. It’s nearly impossible to push these past loves out of memory. Grocery stores stock end caps with every brand, flavor, and comic character. Matters get worse Easter season.

Then…we rediscovered the vanilla bean.

Immediately we dug into research about this saving sweet bean.

Vanilla contains chemicals called vanilloids. They reduce inflammation.

Stress causes inflammation which reduces mental performance. When stressed the body naturally releases an inflammatory protein (cytokine) to signal systemic inflammation behavior to other cells. Inflammation reduces brain function.

The compounds in vanilla reduce stress when in its most natural state – pods or powder.

Consuming vanilla in its natural state boosts mental performance. 

Buy a pod for the slow scrape of its inner-powder. Add flavor and brain-boost to coffee, yogurt…get creative! Heck, you don’t need to add it to food. Lick it off the scrapping tool like we do.

Vanilla is the new superfood. We are amongst the few to rediscover this historic, medicinal food because that’s what we do. Pioneer simple, affordable, creative wellbeing strategies.


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