People spend a great deal of time in front of a television, computer, and cell phones.  I’ve been cutting down on the usage of technology for the last few weeks, but find myself craving to use my smartphone.  When it was unavailable for 2 weeks something felt like it was missing. Land line phones, emails and others smartphones allowed me to go about my everyday life.

Rarely did I complain. It was odd that people I see daily questioned when I would get my smartphone back. It was also an inconvenience for those frequent smartphone correspondents.  Not knowing what time I’d be home for dinner, whether the dog had been walked, or to plan for activities required more organization. A plan was necessary for those moments we were out of touch based on my location.

Why does my life need to be more predictable and routine for the convenience for others?

The line of work I’m in is rather predictable in comparison to a real estate agent for example.  I’m either at work, at the gym or at home.  It seemed ironic those I’m not in close contact hadn’t noticed my smartphone was missing.  No one questioned my social media absence.

It was a joy to be liberated and unattached from a smartphone. It got easier every day. The  amenities were missed. The car ride app service or checking on when the next bus are convenient by smartphone. The conclusion? The mental health benefits outweighed convenience. I slept better. That returned body, mind, and relationship values far exceeding predictability without a smartphone.