Sigh. Not a word muttered, yet a deep exhale is serious communication from the body.

Over ninety percent of my clients need to be re-educated on breathing due to poor oxygen intake or poor energy conservation. It’s time to breathe. Harvard Health claims “reawakening (breathing) allows you to tap one of your body’s strongest self-healing mechanisms.”

In times of stress or pain deference we unknowingly hold our breath. This brutal beating ages us. Try these five breathing boosts to overcome feeling tired or burned out:

Take a Deep Breath offers the science of breathing. Breath Focus is an excellent reference on relaxation offering one to ten minute techniques. When the ideal environment isn’t available for you to relax, your imagination always is! Harvard Health’s 10 minute relaxation technique may guide you through a thoughtful process into your imagination.  That image, object – your ‘go-to’ places can be used without delay, any time, no matter how much time is available.

The idea is this: incorporate relaxation into your day.  Shift a reactive measure into preventative measure.

Rest is an occupation. Its self-care. Consider a space at work you may go to then give yourself three to ten minutes. Every day demands moments of focus on breathing.

What space at home do you set aside as a work-free, stress-free place? Find one chair that allows the breadth of your chest to open with shoulders rested agains the backrest. The floor is an excellent alternative place to sit. The flat surface encourages you to sit up straight, weight evenly distributed.  Sit with your legs comfortably mirroring one another – stretched out, indian style, or the soles of your feet faced together. Be sure your bum is comfortable! Then breathe…….

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