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Dr. Steven Aung and Dr. Badri Rickhi are health care professionals positioning mental and spiritual wellness as a mind/body necessity. Stress reduction programs, adapting the body to nature, and being aware of the senses are three things they believe help achieve spiritual and mental health.

Are you able to tolerate silence or very low music sounds?

Our rational and emotional brains steer our reactions. We have a “window of tolerance”, as Dr. Bessel van der Kolk call it. If we are hyper-aroused or shut down, then we disengage from that moment of time.

Neuroscience research repeatedly points to self-awareness as the most effective way to change emotional IQ.

Silence and music are no strangers to self-awareness. Our soul directly links to our mind. It changes the harmony inside our self.

Van der Kolk  says, “It’s not one size fits all, you need to find some way where your body once again feels like ‘I am in control of myself'”.

DESIGN^hear pin | A nook as a sound barrier to reduce issues from negative, avoidant, aversive, or defensive behaviors for over-sensitivity to sound.
DESIGN^sensory craving | Tub time in consideration to achieve your best self if with an insatiable drive for enhanced sensory experiences.


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