Sharing space with certain ‘others’ (you know who) may provoke alarm. Three steps to skyrocket the ‘happy’ feelings in the midst of forbidden or tense relationship moments are: listen, sense, share.

Active listening is a full body skill. Clear the mind, look at the speaker, posture the body in a receiving gesture.

Observe the body’s sensory responses. Which sense is reacting most to this experience? What are the internal distractions? What are the external distractions?

Sharing formulates conclusions towards happy feelings by sifting the objective from the subjective. Write, draw or share with someone the details about impressionable moments. Then go back to the first threatening source with what you learned from listening and observing the full experience.

These simple, yet powerful actions keep the happiness door open into relationships bound towards maturity. Ongoing communication within and with others defeats cowardly reactions and fills the happiness jackpot.

Below are stories shared by two very different women. Each story embraces the humble, often challenging desire to act within a healthy direction.





The greater part of our happiness depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.

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