Let’s rewind to early morning this last week. Imagine being shaken awake for a sunrise walk. A walk! Initially, I was startled but threw my shoes on and made my way outside anyways. While walking through the park, looking at the trees and the pond, several things changed. My outlook towards the day was suddenly one of adventure and my body felt restored and recharged. I took a few deep breaths and kept walking along, taking in my surroundings.

The power of walking and not only walking but walking outdoors is correlated to enhance overall well-being (Bratman et al 2015). Unfortunately, even just walking has to be built into our day. But what if we change our outlook on being outdoors and even walking. There’s opportunity. It could be included in our commute (Martin et al 2014), our meetings, our new happy hour, after dinner with friends and family, catching the sunrise or sunset. The journey really does begin with one step.

GIG Design | Physical Lifestyle


DESIGN^interceptive | Relationship to time may weave in the message to move.


DESIGN^interceptive | Enhance surroundings at work with messages to walk, to move.


DESIGN^smell | Regulate a walking behavior with a subtle scent of the outdoors.
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Adam Martin et al. Does active commuting improve psychological wellbeing? Longitudinal evidence from eighteen waves of the British Household Panel SurveyPreventive Medicine, September 2014