What are the results of going through a WholeBe toolkit? A creative process to goal attainment and setting the tone to do, be, and become one with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. These results provide an ongoing engagement of creating thinking in nuance to complex tasks. The Creative Process of Invention: Filmmaking Short is an example we’re excited to share with you!

Tracy Chapel is the author of this assessment and a WholeBe alum.

The inspiration she experienced with WholeBe is tangible in her paper, a class assignment. This is what she shared when we asked her to expand on this paper:

“My assignment was to use one of the teaching standards and explain what I would do to teach it. My content is media arts so every one makes a short film and checks in on what the do when they create something.

The activity is based on a tree and the wood block and sand paper is used to awaken their senses while brainstorming their “tree” story so that their ideas could be as close to truthful-honest-real and heartfelt as they could make them.” Tracy did this exact activity through the tools in the WholeBe toolkit and with the guidance of her performance coach.

“When I did this activity It changed my life.”

Tracy continued to share, “I felt real, whole and creative. my senses came to life and I felt confident that I could creat anything. Trees are so powerful.
My friend has worked as a carpenter and he said that working with wood does that to a person and agreed with my conclusion about creating.”

Read Tracy’s paper and lesson plan: