What’s to do with years of old memorabilia?  Often I strongly consider burying my journals and random objects of meaning in a time capsule.

Are objects worthwhile to keep for security of feelings?

Five years ago this month I began to travel with only one carry-on. The trail-hopping between furnished temporary living quarters was freeing and challenging. Prior to leaving my home state I shed furnishings, products, and clothes to simplify my valuables into as few storage bins as possible.  Recently all six bins shipped from Michigan to Los Angeles.

Immediately I sold the emptied bins on Craigslist for a bundle deal of $50. The need to rekindle with my old belongings was met. An outpour of feelings while combing through old memorabilia caused questioning:

Why keep past objects within view?

The energy that arrives when viewing objects or words from the past may be as resourceful as your best friend. An object brings feelings that are associate with it – a celebration, a death, a transition in life. The definition of health is the resources of every day life.  Objects are resources. How we design our space and what we fill it with becomes resourceful means to live healthy. It’s a profound phenomenon that not many consider in their wellbeing quest.

Questions to Ask:
  1. What objects in your immediate work space cause distractions?
  2. What things in your workplace cause distractions?
  3. What are three ways to resolve these distractions?

Ecstasy, satisfaction, and motivation are three realities that lean towards good or bad actions. Take inventory of your environment and culture. What supports performance like a best friend  cheering you towards the finish line? Our performance and design coach is an excellent resource to get you there.

Reward life goals with valued accomplishment. The clear advantage to a furnished space with inspiring objects is ignited conscientious living.

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