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Our newsletter is the source we use to share stories about what we are learning. It didn’t start that way. Below is a brief story about how GIG Design kicked off.

Bethany and I first worked together when partnered in a school system on an Indian reservation for the 2011-12 school year. That’s us in the picture. Once a week we carpooled, winding our way along the Colorado River from Lake Havasu then through the desert to Parker. In no time we set off to cook our way through an entire cookbook. Our time together revealed similar success stories about the value of design to stimulate performance in every day activities. We energetically agreed to blog our stories and commenced the occasion with champagne.

Patterns of behavior become apparent when reflecting on the past. A pattern of mine is crafting process, objects and environments to motivate meaningful action. It leaves no wonder to my unique academia blend of occupational therapy and industrial design. While listening to Robert Leonetti’s classroom lecture about the power of design on the human psyche I became overwhelmed with passion to design for reducing mental and physical illness, injury and disease. So, I positioned myself in performance prevention services as a consultant fourteen years ago. In 2012 Bethany and I piloted a refined framework, method, and process. After a rebrand we began doing business as (DBA) GIG Design under my initial limited liability corporation.

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