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The Solution: Sit or Stand

It’s recognized that the solution to share with those who sit for a long time isn’t to tell them to stand or get more exercise. In fact, standing too long has more health consequences then sitting too long. People working in sales roles are at the greatest risk. There are numerous health risks for both standing […]


Three Performance Factors Used to Resolve Big Problems

While scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across Simon Sinek’s post of a quote from Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick. An image of a mosquito was paired with the quote: “If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” Can the literal size of the mosquito compared […]

Solutions connecting design and performance begin with understanding sensory needs. When hypersensitive to an environments one response is avoidance.

How To Thrive When You Are Hypersensitive to Environments

Often simply thinking about being in a certain place at a certain time is exhausting. When this is most often the case then it there may be a hypersensitive tendency. Awareness of sensory needs simplifies solving the connect between design factors and excelling performance. When a person is hypersensitive to an environment the most noticeable response […]

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Why Inhaling Lavender or Coffee Effects Work

Inhaling scents directly effects moodiness. A scent like coffee may become a game changer in the workplace. Yet, which scents are truly helping or hindering work? Unity, health, and confidence may be produced by just one scent. We may create a common place by using external factors because they effect each of our internal factors. This second annual […]


How To Recognize Which Skills Make Life Harder

Every day we are naturally a part of stories revealing the best or worst skills. Activities, including storytelling, share which skill sharpened in lieu of another. Do you know which skills make life harder for you? When we experience unhappiness, frequent illness or other life hardening conditions we are likely sharpening the culprits.  cer] When in doubt, probably a quick measure could […]

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Have you seen how sensory integration improves work results? The science behind productivity is knowing how your central nervous system works. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Work Performance Satisfaction Directly Correlates with Sensitivities

It’s difficult to convey an important message or inquiry with someone who doesn’t speak the same language, as James McAvoy demonstrates. Sensations are similar to languages. Sight, sound, odor, body movement, taste, body exertion, touch, and instinct each speak and respond to specific details within surroundings. Sensation communicates then body responds. When laying with a […]

Individual's daily resources that constitute as their wellbeing inevitably differ. Do employer's know how to solve for diversity? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Variable Employee Performance Resources Overcome Top 5 Workplace Issues

Typically when someone experiences the novel verses the norm of every day life it is articulated as something everyone needs to try. This might be a fresh approach to organizing or the empowerment from an app. Yet, swapping something new for something old isn’t a guarantee of the same gratification for everyone. Resources undoubtedly vary […]

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Cultural awareness may be towards blame or to matchmake satisfaction with performance through person, task, and environment. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Employee, Task, Environment Satisfaction For Best Performance

The fabric of performance outcomes is interdependent on employee, task, and environment. Quality performance is the result of an environment supporting employees engaged in roles that are meaningful to them through work tasks that satisfy both their and the employer mission. PERSON There are two overarching roles in the workplace: the leader and the employee. […]

Unite the wellbeing of people and cultures through these health resources that energize body and mind tactics identified as spirituality. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Performance Behaviors and Strategies For Pain and Stress from Trauma

It is often suggested to avoid discussions about spirituality, yet this behavior offers numerous performance resources. Medical professionals openly ask questions about spiritual behaviors to energize performance outcomes. Pain, stress, and trauma effect mental and physical health.  Jay Mahler is the founder of The California Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative. His purview of spiritual performance is “the […]

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Behaviors from being easily distracted and distressed have been researched since the 1960's. It's solvable by modifying hypersensitive behaviors. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Six Case Studies Where Sensations Became Mind Fuel

Behavior results from being distracted and distressed have been researched since the 1960’s. Science’s primary focus is on the central nervous system’s response to sensations. Results identify that performance behaviors failing to modify sensory intake sufficiently create perceptual instability. Performance abilities reducing or eliminating distractions and distress are demonstrated by employees with a healthy mind and body. […]

A Sensory Cravers constantly engages, therefore the desire persists to seek more. More. More! Movement brings enjoyment and satisfaction. photo courtesy CKO Kickboxing Grand Rapids

What Few Know About Their Ravenous Behaviors

Do you have an insatiable drive for enhancing experiences? Magnasensitive individuals desire the excitable – blinking lights, rollercoasters, or a lifestyle like being an entrepreneur or overextended work loads. Adversely, there’s also the need to continuously be engaged. This magical central nervous system response may also bring distress. For sanity sake a body needs rest! The superior […]

Empower creativity and revenue producing performance with body and mind awareness tactics. Here's how to stop the floundering or agonizing meetings. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Agonizing Meetings Could Be Due to Presence Disparity

Finished projects bring moments of exhilaration for all involved. Those involved that were engaged empowered the productivity of the project. When all employees on a team are present by actively listening, creating, and collaborating there is consistently powerful, innovative outcomes that increase revenue. The alternative is a phenomenon identified as presence disparity, which compromises innovative workflow […]


A Seamstress Exhibiting Stress In The Workplace

GIG Design’s team discussed observations of a seamstress exhibiting stress in the workplace. Observations of the work environment included details of the lighting, noise, temperature, and peer engagement. The work space is an open area of approximately thirty seamstresses, all sitting at a sewing station actively engaging in production of a product. Observations of the seamstress […]

In response to NBC Health's reveal we aren't getting enough sleep, here are 20 questions for sleep awareness. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

20 Questions For Sleep Awareness

In response to the statement “employers can educate shift workers about how to improve sleep” in the NBC Health’s reveal we aren’t getting enough sleep, here are 20 questions to get started. Answers are provided at the end. How many hours of sleep per night do you suspect the average American gets during the week? How do […]

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How do you discover your unique sensory response? Here are five steps to engage in a healthy lifestyle. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Five Steps To Engage In A Healthy Lifestyle

How do your thoughts articulate each moment you experience? “I’m confidently griping the handle of this heavy meeting-room door, stepping into this meeting that will shape and sharpen feelings of fulfillment in my life.” Thoughts vividly characterize the body’s experience. Our body senses every tiny thing before describing it with words. This phenomenon directs behaviors. […]

Allowing the senses to open up through the taste of tea offers insight, healing, a calming effect.

Tea: An Inexpensive, Medicative Commodity

There’s just something so nice about a hot cup of tea in your hand.  That cozy feeling with beautifully aroma of herbs, spices or clean green tea. At work there’s something that the chaplains provide called “Tea for the Soul”.  At first I thought it was just fun with a great supportive social aspect giving us a […]

Body, mind, and soul work has fragile elements. Its both personal and relational. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Work Has Fragile Elements

Wellbeing is something I learned late in life. It was easier to avoid adversity by following desires for comfort. When I was a child I climbed a tree to escape. Avoidance behaviors kept me from becoming who I was meant to be. Here and now I’m profoundly thankful. Especially with reflection of people and experiences life brought. […]

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photo courtesy of @tangojuliette

What to Do With That Busy Mind That Disrupts Performance

Awareness determines how time is spent. Behaviors are a reflection of brain activity. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman researched this phenomenon and summarized that  “even in the absence of time pressure, maintaining a coherent train of thought requires discipline.” How does the brain get disciplined? Changing a busy brain with rampant, scattered thoughts towards attending to immediate […]

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photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Why Alone Time May Improve Performance Outcomes

The word “alone” can mean different things. For instance, the single business, self-employed person may work alone. Going through a morning routine, doing a crossword puzzle, or cleaning the house are all activities that may be done during alone time. Often employees would be ecstatic to have alone time in place of work time around […]

A swing is a simple way to improve mood in the workplace. Swinging stimulates our body's system that regulates the sense of balance and coordination. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

A Swing In the Workplace Will Improves Beyond Employee Moods

Designers are slowly emerging with incredibly functional and stylish swings. A swing is a simple way to improve mood in the workplace. Swinging stimulates two body systems: vestibular and sensory. Each contributes to balance and spatial orientation for overall coordination. They also modulate mood states (Winter, Walmer, Laurens, Straumann, Krueger, 2013). When a swing moves […]

Getting To Bed | To say "I'm getting to bed early tonight," is a start, yet self-control requires physical methods to make a set bedtime reality. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

One Simple Step to Get Your Sleep

Of course it is best to get those seven to eight hours of sleep in for the next day to run smoothly. The tricky part in achieving this is to pull away from that to-do list or mindless moments prior to bed time. To activate change the brain needs an inter-connection across the non-conscious and conscious domains (Charlesworth […]

Within these values he emphasized behavior patterns, goal setting, and communication. What will enable your soft start for the will to act? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Key Aspects to Achieving These Seven Leadership Values

Occupational therapy practitioners are found in a variety of industries outside of health care, including automotive, architecture and non-profit sectors. Jim Burns is a major in the U.S. Army as well as chief of O.T. at Evans Army Community Hospital in Fort Carson, Colorado. He quoted Max Depree to support his opinion of what the […]

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Aesthetics and Functionality | When rooms or offices are designed without the user it fragments personal needs by opinions on aesthetics and functionality. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Design for Physical Environment, Work Attitudes, and Wellbeing

Interior design is a rewarding way to nourish behaviors. Rooms or offices designed with the user meets personal needs by aesthetics and task functionality. The insight of a designer facilitates the ‘look’ and furnishings, yet an opinion without understanding performance restraints functionality unique to the user. A relationships exists between the physical environment, work attitudes and […]

Disheartening feelings shared within this personal story about reading and visual fatigue that caused work stress and fatigue. photo credit @tangojuliette

Reading and Visual Fatigue: A Personal Journey

It took me awhile to figure out why I hated wearing my glasses, why my eyes got so tired as a young girl.  I was born with medial strabismus, a hereditary trait that causes cross-eye.  With modern day surgical techniques I was able to follow family footsteps in correcting ocular alignment. My brother’s surgery resulted […]

Sensibility|A lack of sensibility can hurt performance with misguided responses, lack of attention, or situational discernment. So how does one strengthen sensibility?| photo courtesy @tangojuliette

How Design Sensibility Impacts Performance Outcomes

Dancing without music may appear as silly or odd. Dancing needs guided rhythm and music ignites an internal rhythm that may be expressed with movement. Design Sensibility unites mediums with sensations for best performance. The ability to improve performance through responses to sensations, complex emotional or aesthetic influences through the use of context, occupation and […]

Communicate Face to Face|The brain functions best when it isn't multi-tasking. If voice recognition is a noticeable issue then create the habit to communicate face to face. | photo courtesy @tangojuliette

How to Avoid Missing What Someone Has Said

Active listening in it’s most proper form fatigues the mind as the day moves forward. Performance functions at peak level when not multi-tasking, therefore engaging active listening is with in a posture and intent to hear and understand. Our ear’s physiology is fascinating. It holds the smallest bone in the body. Sound separates into vibrations […]

Essentially, be willing to get messy in life to gain in life. Performance building is to step forward into unknowns. photo courtesy @tangojuilette

Three Tips For Embracing Uncertainty to Improve Performance

Being open to the messiness of uncertainty is often difficult. Performance behaviors are patterns, routines, and habits. With challenges a natural course of reaction is common. An issue may be some behaviors are causing breaks in relationships, purpose, and health. With time and effort behaviors may change to repair and support teamwork, productivity, and competitive […]

photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Alone Time

While driving down I-90 with the music low, I took in everything new. Then I watched the yellow line patterns and the steady row of trucks chugging along.  It went from feeling fresh to quickly becoming monotonous. I grew eager to just be home. In that moment, I felt for those traveling as part of daily […]

photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Methods to ‘Calm Down’

Have you read the book, The Five Love Languages? A psychologist recommended I read it in preparation for dating. One friend learned I read this book and exclaimed: ‘That book is the wedding gift I buy for everyone!’ It’s understandable because Dr Chapman teaches a simple, physical aspect to relationship – ‘love language’. “…Expressing love in […]

Characters in heroic stories always overcome their obstacles. What is your number one strength and how do you use it? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Sharpening Abilities and Skills

Stories of heroism often begins with a disadvantaged person who appears to be approaching an unthinkable or uncontrollable situation.  The characters in those stories typically overcome the obstacles to achieving that thing they are seeking. What is one situation you feel is a disadvantage? Change is inevitable. So, let the air out of your tires […]

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Tolerate Silence | Are you able to tolerate silence? Our rational and emotional brains steer our reactions. We have a "window of tolerance". How far is your window open? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

If Seeking Greater EQ Then Improve Self-Awareness

Dr. Steven Aung and Dr. Badri Rickhi are positioning mental health and spiritual wellbeing as a mind/body necessity. There are three recommendations they encourage for achieving improved performance: stress reduction programs, adapting the body to nature, and being aware of the senses. Rationale and emotions steer behavior reactions. A “window of tolerance” is what Dr. Bessel […]

Surprise Behavioral Health | Does a surprise or an accident bring out your inner three-year old, anxiety, or angst? Create a healthy change in response to any surprise. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Overcome Anger, Fear, and Stress One Surprise at a Time

Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking Fast and Slow says, “You are more likely to learn something by finding surprises in your own behavior than by hearing surprising facts about people in general”. Anger, fear, stress, or anxiety following a surprise affects every body organ as well as those in the surroundings (Siegal and Bergman, 2006). […]

Forming Mental Images | It seems that I am surrounded by "noisy brains". What if instead of listening to the noise in their heads, they imagined their words becoming images? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

How to Use Patterned Play To Overcome Adversity

Sometimes I find it strange when I’m surrounded by quiet people.  It seems that I am surrounded by “noisy brains”. Of course, I need to quiet my head-talk to get to that thought. One comforting idea is, what if everyone replaced listening to their head-talk by watching a picture-reel. Imagine their words becoming images. We often mistake ‘play’ […]

Peers in the workplace that are recovering from trauma will have difficulty verbalizing their emotions or even a simple thought. Here are tips that build confidence. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Peers In the Workplace That Are Recovering From Trauma

Peers in the workplace that are recovering from trauma will have difficulty verbalizing their emotions or even a simple thought (VanderKolk, 2014).  There is an uncertainty about life that confuses as they sort through their trauma.  With time and repetition, their communication patterns will slowly form into crisp, clear, confidant responses. Confidence often comes after […]

seeking pleasure avoiding pain|Our behaviors are coping mechanisms. Seeking pleasure or avoiding pain require life-long choices towards harmful or healthy behaviors. | photo courtesy@tangojuliette

Why Destructive Behaviors May Be Performance Supporting Tactics

Celebrating meeting a deadline met or coping with managerial tactics arouses feelings. Sensations become acute in these and numerous other performance moments. What is heard and seen are most discussed but there is also smell, tactile, exertion, instinct, and taste sensations. The exertion of heavy feet walking through an office or facial hair petting are […]

Cultural Context|Patterns, opportunities, and support are the beginning of what defines cultural context.| photo courtesy: @tangojuliette

Six Key Employee and Workplace Contextual Elements

There are workplaces with a culture expectation of work tracked by shift hours or a behavior standard to cover all tattoos. A workplace belief and custom may be whispering through cubicle workstations. These are examples of contextual elements in the workplace. Context is one of three performance factors used to improve performance outcomes. Contextual elements identify […]

Regulating Your Own Emotions|Meditation supports regulating your own emotions by helping the brain handle various dilemmas.| photo courtesy:@tangojuliette

One Free Performance Resource For The Active Listener

Often it is unsettling to listen to the ache in the voice of a peer sharing sorrowful or traumatic news. The pain conveyed in their dilemma may even be palpable. One effective way of coping as an active listener is meditation. The health benefits of meditation continue to flood data supporting how it is a necessary […]

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Wake Up in the Morning|Wake up in the morning! Do you want to make it easier? Pay attention to daytime activity levels and then sleep accordingly.| photo courtesy: @tangojuliette

REM and Non-REM Sleep Improves Three Performance Behaviors

If work performance is a struggle consider sleep hygiene through establishing nighttime and daytime habits. The body is capable of waking up to 10 minutes prior to the desired morning time without an alarm clock. Non-REM sleep is a slow-wave type of sleep and REM is characterized by rapid eye movement, dreaming and more body […]

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Creative use of color may be one tool to living healthier. Here are five considerations to base color on emotional solutions. photo courtesy@tangojuliette

Base Color on Emotional Solution

If you have the time, go to Google Images to search ‘earth tones’.  The top 10 images include graphic design, tile, fabric, craft ink, stamp ink, fine art, a social website, makeup, and the Earthtones CD cover is, of course, earth tones. Creative use of color may be one tool to living healthier. Here are […]

Talking to Yourself|Talking to yourself throughout our day is not abnormal. In fact, there is even a term that defines this phenomenon known as private speech. | Photo Courtesy: @tangojuliette

Talking to Yourself Will Develop Performance

First mail out those letters sitting on the table, complete the employee evaluation, and prepare for the meeting. Then think about my purpose in this job. Those thoughts became words quickly without hesitation one day. I didn’t even realize I had said them until they were muttered. Reassuring, focusing words leads to true responsiveness. Talking to […]

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Surrounded by four walls| The best canvas in a room is a wall. Instead of believing you're surrounded by four walls, consider the ways you could put writing on the wall.| photo courtesy:@tangojuliette

Surrounded by Four Walls

The best canvas in a room is a wall. Instead of believing you’re surrounded by four walls, consider the ways you could put writing on the wall.  It’s a designed greeting to direct the success you imagine. Below are ideas to get your creative started…

Creating Routines in Your Life | Which internal influencer do you most often want to pull out of yourself? Creating routines in your life gives clarity.| photo courtesy:@tangojuliette

When Work Routines Are Necessary or Not

Creating routines improves performance because by nature it becomes a habit. Being of a curious nature provides moments of drifting off a routine path. This initially offers excitement and may lead to altering a routine. It may also result in suffering. There’s risk in drifting off routine, yet there is reward with sticking to them. Routines create […]

Use workplace tools to ease through being thoughtful, deliberate, to nix the 40% rooted in habit. Here are 5 ideas to endure sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Photo Courtesy @tangojuliette

5 Ideas To Endure Sitting At A Desk For 8 Hours

As I was whistling-while-I worked today, an alarming thought gave me pause: could I survive sitting eight hours at a desk? Today was a good day because I didn’t sit.  I accomplished all of my things-to-do from my list of the things I love-to-do, moving about creatively and solving problems. Without movement, interaction, and creative […]

When most reach for caffeine, sugar or just plain zone out, here are four reasons a mini trampoline works. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Four Reasons A Mini Trampoline Works

Here’s one idea to help get past that midday point: trample through it! When most reach for caffeine, sugar or just plain zone out, a mini trampoline (also known as a rebounder) is better than a candy dish for visitors.  It would certainly bring laughter into your work space! Below are four reasons a mini […]

We each uniquely respond to sensations. Work may trigger repetitive conflicts. The outcome may dampen or enhance performance. Create strategies for relief. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Work May Trigger Repetitive Conflicts

Work behaviors are a distinct part of you. We may have control over our home environments but our work environments are a collaboration of peers. The workplace has a culture of unwritten values creating its community. Regardless of who or what sets the cultural tone, there will be things that trigger you out of your […]

Our emotional lifestyle navigates by collaborating with sight. What is in sight may distract you. We nourish wellbeing through what we see. photo credit @tangojuliette

What Is In Sight May Distract You

Try this: stand up, feet together, then close your eyes. Attempt to stay that way as long as your able to tolerate it while taking note to the feelings your body feeds you. Sight uses one of ten body structures in our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It maintains and coordinates body functions. Researchers identified how […]

Regardless of where you are at in life, the instructor gave the most simple and wholesome advice: know your body. photo credit @tangojuliette

Pain At My Shoulder

This last Sunday I went to a yoga class filled with a variety of people.  Regardless of where you are at in life, the instructor gave the most simple and wholesome advice: know your body. It’s by knowing where you are strongest, where you have ached in the past, how you sleep every night, what […]

At work leaders may tell you to respond to anger with kindness. To achieve this it begins with understanding one's true nature. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Respond to Anger with Kindness

We are unique! Our behaviors respond in different ways. At work leaders may tell you to respond to anger with kindness.  Effective communication is often interpreted as kindness. Put down the mental shot gun of using feelings about the subject, current mood, and impressions to achieve this (Kahneman 2011). Begin with understanding one’s true nature. We […]

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We are relational beings. Here's a look at how research supports selflessness as free medicine to mind, body, soul. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Selflessness as Free Medicine

When you get stuck in a rut and are so so stressed out how do you feel? At a pivotal point in my life ten years ago my feelings kicked me into action mode. I believed the stride required being alone but chose environments that supported healthy healing to cope through the stress. Loneliness lengthened […]

My journaling proved to heal shame trapped in my past. It's a wellbeing tool that built my courage to openly share my ghostly shame to engrain prosperity. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Journaling Proved To Heal Shame Trapped in the Past

Journaling has been my inconsistent therapeutic remedy. Its evidence my first journal was truly a diary. At age nine my way of communicating was blathering about nothings in between short stories of play dates or family folly. Friends allowed to read my Diary represented a sort-of friendship hierarchy. It was evident I was first emotionally […]

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