There’s just something so nice about a hot cup of tea in your hand.  That cozy feeling with beautifully aroma of herbs, spices or clean green tea.

At work there’s something that the chaplains provide called “Tea for the Soul”.  At first I thought it was just fun with a great supportive social aspect giving us a chance to sit, take a break, drink some tea and talk.  However, it had become my coping mechanism.  Just the other day, I was grieving about some losses and I couldn’t believe how comforting it was to have someone offer me tea.  It felt just as good as a long cry after a sappy movie or a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a room. It was definitely the next best thing.

Allowing my senses to open up through my taste buds had been so insightful. Sometimes it takes me places in my mind.  I often have a nice cup of tea nearby to stir my creative juices to write poetry, paint, listen to music or to just relax.

Most homeopathic stores or tea vendors have quite an extensive knowledge about tea. They may identify a specific tea for an alignment, mood, or soulful pursuit specific to you.  Depending on what time of the day, I find myself craving for different types of tea.  When I’m sad, I drink an uplifting tea.  When I’m sleeping, I tend to crave for black tea.  When I’m cold, I often brew a nice spiced chai.

Cheers to tea: an inexpensive, medicative commodity in this world!!