“Well thought out…good visual cues as Anita guided us to what ultimately became a brainstorming session for each space or item to be addressed.” B. Fowler,  Small Business Owner
“We don’t fight over what to put in the corner anymore!”     A. Bernhard, Small Business Owner

Distractions, presenteeism and stress in the workplace significantly effects task results. Cross-performance factors include objects, people, and processes. Each satisfies a level of accomplishment. Task results are due to individual’s level of why and how they manage their behaviors. Much as design thinking intensifies form specifics by following functional levels, task specifics do the same by following behavior levels.

The soul of our team desires individuals capable of self-managing task-producing engaged behaviors. We have thirty-plus years of combined success stories doing so. One example is when Camille released the burdened, over-weight Client to rediscover dancing. Consequently, weight-loss behaviors (i.e. binging, food choices, meal times) improved weekly because the functional level of dancing (in place of the workplace gym) as exercise was optimal for this Client. Another example is when Anita guided awareness to meet smoking cessation. Due to the change of one task factor a week related to nicotine, over one year this Client completely quit with reports to still be nicotine clean.

In conclusion, we take on those smells, sounds, movements, exertion, and visual cues used to behave certain ways. Our services bridge behavior cross-performances with task results.

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