Who uses the word synesthesia? What does it even mean? Our WholeBeSM toolkits teach living with synesthesia for triggering design sensibility. Below is our explanation of the meaning of synesthesia:

The universal root + definition of Synesthesia

GREEK | syn {together} esthesia {to perceive, feel}

  1. a phenomenon in the ability to receive dual sensory impressions where one sensory organ stimulates another.
  2. terminology to describe an effect by using cross sensory domains
Michael Haverkamp on Synesthesia

“If the texture feels rough, I see a structure in my mind’s eye that has dark spots, hooks, and edges. But if it’s too smooth, the structure glows and looks papery, flimsy.”

Synesthesia in Everyday Life

Cross opposites and life gets interesting. Imagine the following: loud yellow; rosemary comb; quiet triangle. Synesthesia in everyday life leads an imagination to revolutionary measures.

Synesthesia can be like chocolate snowcaps. To get the sense of synesthesia learn Design Sensibility through our WholeBeSM Toolkit and coaching with the Equip Package.

photo courtesy of @tangojuliet

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