How to Stop The Floundering Or Agonizing Meetings

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Finished projects bring moments of exhilaration for all involved. True joy arrives with quality outcomes. Do these feelings occur after collaborative meetings?

Engaged individuals actively listening and vulnerably sharing empowers productive, creative progress. Collaborative engagement with everyone at the table produces quality end goals: powerful strategies, innovative products, increased revenue.

recent report shared Steelcase coined the phenomenon ‘Presence Disparity’. It was pointed out this compromises innovative workflow and timely productivity.

Presence Disparity is when telecommuters physically experience a compromising difference when virtually collaborating.

Examples included missing verbal and visual content due to background noises or poor quality live stream video. Mentally, physically, and emotionally taxed individuals lose productive opportunities for empowered creativity and revenue-building strategies.

People fully engage when body senses are prepared to mentally interpret content. Presence Disparity is a macro-sensory productivity issue. High-quality video is one solution to improving engagement in virtual collaboration.

Let’s address the micro-sensory productivity issue.

Who facilitates individuals to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare their active listening skills? When do individuals take ownership of being engaged?

There’s no universal 5-step fix here. Each individual is uniquely different. Environments vary. Virtually plugging-in on the fly often proves environments are the least controllable aspect to reducing distractions for optimal listening. Planning ahead requires to first prepare the body.

Individuals who know how their nervous system reacts under stress do this best. Implementing neurologic strategies prepare the body and brain to actively listen and visually focus. Nervous system distractions may include odors, poor hygiene, sleep deprivation,  noisy environments, inadequate diet, occupational injustice, emotional trauma, muscle weakness, and organ functioning disruptions.

Proper products and designed environment are important aspects to set-up mental, physical, and emotional presence. With expert facilitation individuals may become wiser through knowing how to use what’s tangible in tandem to intangible engagement strategies.

Empower creativity and revenue producing performance through implementing body and mind awareness tactics.

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