Once I striped away the spite from a new, yet tedious commute to my weekday routine the challenge was to plan carefully – given traffic, traffic cones and added coffee stops along my route. Yes, some days it is plural. Temporary living conditions includes a culture where long commutes are the norm rather than the exception. I find this unfortunate.

Getting my brain relaxed about the commute each day helps sustain energy.  With every sunrise I start anew and there is no cookie cutter answer. Although there are creative ways to invest in a joyful day with a dreaded commute on the horizon. Here are six:

  • NPRs Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! quizzes contestants on weekly news. Hilarious!
  • Ask Me Another shares Puzzles & word games, including limericks. I heart NPR.
  • Listen to new music and pay attention to the rhythms, words, and instruments involved.
  • The new notepad for ideas or to do lists is a smartphone Voice Memo app. Brilliant!
  • Nix noise pollution to listen to the world around me : breathe.
  • My cousin commutes by public transportation and reads. Double brilliance!
  • I do Audible.

There are many options out there to keep you company, bring you closer to your thoughts or just wake you up.

How do you spend the time in the car?

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