Last week a group of women revealed the frustration of relational stress. Following our discussion it was revealed the cause of high stress was poor communication.

The computer, cell phone, landline, and various wireless signals are convenient replacements to connecting in person. Each severely lowers body movement, including a stroll or brisk walk to meet a peer within a building or even the body mechanics to drive to a meeting.

Anxiety disorders are rising in the United States and social media is one mechanism that is pulling the trigger. 40 million American adults fall into debilitating uncertainty or fear (NIMH).

Social norms are to seek visual or audible rewards from screens.

Coping weighs on the amount of those rewards are received each day. Emotional processing is quickly steering away from inward reflection for outward expression by catloging feelings in ink, graphic, and other creative mediums.

Screens and keyboards are slowly replacing nourishing handwritten thoughts, sketched imagery, and hand-crafted tokens of appreciation to mail by parcel. The act of creating nourished mind, body, soul, and relationships. Literal nourishment is most familiar in terms of buying pre-made meals in place of the art of cooking and baking.

Togetherness brings opportunity for laughter.

Pressing ‘send’ or an arrow produces perceptions of what might be felt by the recipient. There is a loss to observing the receivers emotions which effects opportunities to improve emotional intelligence. Problem-solving abilities and memory storage weakens without the presence of physical stimuli registering into working memory. Neuroscientists beckon primary use of sensations to stimulate learning.

To reduce debilitating stress and fear with these next steps:

  1. Write, speak, or draw an issue and work through the steps to resolve it.
  2. Listen and look. Observe the surroundings. What provokes the best action towards resolving this issue?
  3. Communicate by actively moving and gesturing to enable working brain mechanisms.
  4. Schedule a trip to a friend’s office or house.
  5. Actively share the results with others.
  6. Use facial expressions and body gestures to convey emotions.
  7. Follow up with a handwritten note.

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DESIGN^taste | In context of relationship to time cook a meal with someone, host a meal, deliver a meal.


DESIGN^joint & muscle | In the occupation of play gather your work peers to make a pinnate then have it at on a work break.


DESIGN^under-responder | In sense of a built environment that is role specific consider space efficient to exercise your creative muscle.

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