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Have you danced without music? Recently, in the midst of what I hoped to be a long pause with online radio, I continued to dance without music. My hope was ‘my sensibility will improve’.

Just what is sensibility? It’s the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences. A lack of sensibility may impede performance with misguided responses, lack of attention, or situational discernment. So how does one strengthen sensibility?

When athletes strengthen skill they first recognize their weakness. Scientists have proven that when a performer focuses attention externally rather than internally then performance is enhanced. If it’s a sprinter with a speed weakness then their mindset is ‘imagining the ground as a hotplate’ not ‘striking with your forefoot’. In parallel, an example to strengthen a work skill is a mindset ‘imagining words are ten dollars a piece’ not ‘remembering what my boss told me’.

The idea here is to identify your sensory weaknesses then experiment. Use external focus goals. Begin to strengthen sensibility in one of your roles.


WEAKNESS  Music motivates me to power up my workout. Engaging in heavy muscle resistance without music makes a workout tedious and unenjoyable.

SENSIBILITY  When I watch my body move in comparison to my DVD trainer I strive to lift, reach, lunge, move in unison and parallel heights. Dancing gears me towards my playful, feminine side. A mirror that mimics those characteristics maintains those feelings.


WEAKNESS   “Even on the busiest days I try my best to avoid staying up too many hours past my regular bedtime. I do not work well on a lack of sleep (at parenting or business) and I’m learning that putting my need for sleep up near the top of my priority list keeps everyone happier.”

SENSIBILITY  “With kid influences in every other room in the house, it’s nice to have a sanctuary to get away to every once in a while. The canopy bed was a childhood dream of mine and I’m happy to say I enjoy having it as much now as I always imagined I would.”

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DESIGN^inteceptive | In context of personal beliefs and customs consider an outdoor activity that prompts self-examination.


DESIGN^smell | Role participation in occupations includes optimal listening; consider smells that ease tension.


DESIGN^over responsivity | bedroom considerations to achieve your best self if exaggerated, negative responses is a typical sensory experience. – Katy Reginer

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