How often do we need to remind ourself that relaxing is healthy? It’s an activity worthy to schedule.

Europeans do. They shut down businesses for up to 6 hours after noon. Sweden recently introduced a six hour working day (Matharu 2015).  Leisure is one way we occupy our time within those everyday life activities (AOTA 2014). This occupation is a role that holds significant value to work, household management, education, socializing, etc.

Questions to Ask:
  1. How many times in one day is their a period of relaxation?
  2. Is it counterproductive to relax for five minutes an hour during a work day?
  3. What is involved in a period of relaxation?
  4. Does periods of relaxation cause the feeling of restlessness, as though it’s ‘waisting time’?


A recent study of 600,000 global men and women found those working 55 hours or more had a 33% greater risk of a stroke.  A visually inviting green space, a flower filled office rest area, or even a nearby stoop by a bush creates a sense of connection to the outdoor world that can be shared (or just a quiet little place of escape).

GIG Design | Occupation Lifestyle


Where are you and what do you have to work with?
Is a hose or a watering can nearby to incorporate green life in your work space?

DESIGN^interceptive | In context of expectations of culture consider incorporating or seeking a leisure space during work hours.

Is walking past these objects enough?
Or do you need to plan to make time daily?

DESIGN^body position | The occupation of leisure calls for furniture for resting or a reclining body position.


What products relax you?
What kind of people or animals do you want to attract?

DESIGN^interceptive | In sense of modulating behaviors create a leisure space removed but nearby your office or work space.
Matharu, Hardeep,
Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process (3rd Edition). Am J Occup Ther2014;68(Supplement_1):S1-S48. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2014.682006.

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