A few weeks ago, an older woman who was previously a nurse held her hands in front of me.  She said, “Look, look at the difference.”  She further explained that the course of moments and experiences weathered her hands. Particularly the right hand, as she is right handed.

Hands guide us by driving. They lift and make us stronger.  They write love letters and e-mails to those across the country. Whether evaluating each curve and line closely or running out the door our hands deserve authentic attention and care.

  1. Hands are integral to function every day. Reduce the aging process with these five reliable tips:
    Wash them.  Particularly, with a soap that smells invigorating or maybe relaxing or reminds you of vanilla sugar cookies.
  2. Moisturize them.  While doing so, it is a great time to see how your hands are holding up, which areas may be drier, which areas have more sunspots. Adjust accordingly.
  3. Wear gloves as needed. Protect them from the harsh colds, the dirt when gardening or the harsher dish soap. My hands are beginning to look different than 5 years ago but it is all just a little character.
  4. Flex fingers. Walk fingers across a surface. This will help keep them flexible and prevent any stiffness during the day.
  5. Observe them in activity. Are they constantly flexed and typing or doing house projects? Knowing your body and your actions give the best insight into what is working.
  6. Try a sugar/sand scrub. This leaves hands feeling silky and refreshes the joints. Here’s a recipe that keeps recreating itself with new items from kitchen baking and cooking ingredients: 1 cup sugar, ½ cup almond oil, a drizzle of vitamin e oil and a few drops lavender essential oil.

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