Below is a testimony 180 days following GIG Design’s support…

One of the reasons why I moved to the Pacific Northwest is because of the trees. Trees are everywhere – both beautiful and relatable. A tree must have been meticulously chosen for the WholeBe Toolkit. Its a visual metaphor that returns as a wellbeing tool to help one envision themselves at their greatest potential.

I never thought of comparing myself as a tree. Organically, humans and plants are built so differently, but who’s to say we can’t learn from one another. Each gives in the exchange for being alive.

One example is carbon dioxide gives fresh air to breathing plants; plants generously exchange it with oxygen for us. This is one magnificent exchange that is quick to forget.

When I look in a mirror I see myself subjectively and often with scrutiny. However, with WholeBe I dissected life into parts of the tree.

The Tree Model helped me objectively self-reflect.

This wellbeing method guided me to understand who I am, was, and will be. It was a brilliant reflection of myself that exceeded any mirror’s offering.

WholeBe embraced every word I wrote, every phrase that I said, and helped me process every thought that came out of my mind.

My Facilitator promoted autonomy. I wasn’t given direct answers but the freedom to problem solve. Not a plan or a forthright answer. This is good. I felt that I had came up with the plan with a little bit of guidance through WholeBe.

It was a great feeling to be able to come up with an idea, develop a plan, then bring it to fruition on my own.

I was proud of the ability to fully own setting goals. I didn’t dwell on if I made an incorrect decision or plan based on someone’s opinion. I’m stubborn and defy being told how I should live my life.

Life is too short. Design it for yourself in a healthy and fulfilling way.

WholeBe uniquely rewarded me with greater awareness of my behaviors.

Every time I revisit the Tree Model, I am granted room to change, to grow, and least expected of all I act on forgiveness. Like my thoughts, the growth of trees are “malleable”.

I grow according to the environment I’m in.

I give and am given what I’m capable of. Those gifts become the nutrients that help or hinder a tree and me to grow.

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