Have you lived within a culture that isn’t your own?

Over the years I’ve been personally challenged through unfamiliar cultures. A few examples of cultures I need to adapt to includes an indian reservation, farming community, tourist town, and middle-eastern religions. Beyond the smells, language or customs just transitioning from a geographical move is tough!

Overcoming adversity presents two choices:

  1. be open to it, or
  2. deny it.

Choosing which path is the power to ultimately steer performance.

Forethought is a natural impulse that digs into personal values, morals, and beliefs. That of openness or denial begins the body, mind and spirit path to performing towards positive outcomes.

Even choosing an openness to drink from a new water source goes through the natural impulse of forethought. It subjects the digestive system to work through a new source that may or may not be good for the body. In this case, for some, denial may be the path for better health.

One powerful way to approach conflict is with posturing of the hands.

As conflict begins or while overcoming adversity a body gestures natural expression follows the mind and spirit’s choice to open or deny. This phenomenon is called asembodied cognition.

Adjust the body to reset communication.

Mental and spiritual strongholds may be a challenge. Onlookers respond to those non-verbal cues, too. Provoke internal and external approval with an assuring, open body posture. The difference between clenched fists and open hands are different in internal and external message.  What other gestures may reset the body to communicate ‘I am open to it’?

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