The results of our coaching will produce value at all levels for everyone: the employee, their peers, their workplace, and the outcomes their employer gains as a result. The process we facilitate is a method resulting in behavior changes over time. We begin with achieving one personalized goal, plus teach individuals across six sessions how to set-up reoccurring success. Equip and business packages are the greatest value because they create patterns and routines that stick.

GIG Design reduces managing timely and costly behaviors with up to 80% effectiveness.

  • Outcomes improve competitive advantage, productivity, employee health and wellbeing while reducing risks in employee turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism.
  • Routine performance discussions improve self-care capabilities for being alert daily.
  • Activity and situational behaviors appear to the employee as opportunities to enrich their current roles.
  • Motivation stems from a creative perspective empowering problem-solving and applying ideas.
  • Meaninfulness is experienced through purpose-seeking behaviors desiring resiliency, hope, and value-based performance.
  • Contributory actions in the workplace community and environment engage and unite personal and workplace values.
  • Acceptance of awareness and feelings produce stress-management and mood transference actions.