Prosperity and safety in the workplace are necessary for best performance outcomes. Prosperity breathes comfort that survival is possible for driving competitive advantages and teamwork capabilities. It reduces presenteeism. Safe practices reduce absences and turnover. Productivity results from workplaces filled with attitudes of prosperity and safety.

Employees instinctually seek feeling safe but stretching outside of comfortable practices may compromise quality of life. Experiences of prosperity through novel practices offers the ability to be vulnerable towards what appears as ambiguous.

The anonymous quote, “If you’re comfortable in life then you’re not maturing,” is true. Maturing performance standards results in employee discomfort. A workplace may reduce discomfort with B.E.I.N.G strategies resulting in employee’s boldly existing in necessary growth.


Boldly Existing in Necessary Growth is an acronym to set up the ability to successfully manage the potential stress of improving performance.


Occupational Justice is the rights, responsibilities, and liberties that enable us to commit to occupations (activities) for health and quality of life needs. When overwhelmed, underwhelmed, deprived, or unsatisfied our commitment to participate is jeopardized. Boldly claim responsibility by identifying actions (or lack of) that cause barriers to fully participating at work. 


Biochemistry is the chemical processes of our body that drives behavior. To ‘act logically’ is to produces only a fraction of performance. Exist by accepting the unique complexities of mind, body, and soul as it is set-apart with an incomparable history and performance fingerprint. 


Living is being and engaging in the ‘now’.  In each moment observe through all senses the unraveling of the healthiest direction to performance achievements. 


Values are abstract and withhold great influence. Necessary actions are a reflection of personal values for achieving performance goals. 


The latin root meaning of be is ‘I become’ and the greek root meaning is ’cause to grow’. Both convey movement. Growth by servanthood moves an attitude of a performance survivor.


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