This last week while hiking in Connecticut, we came across a man that was hiking the entire Appalachian Trail.  He was asking some other hikers about the best type of hiking shoes and talked excitedly about an apple someone had just given him. We all were in awe at such an introspective and dedicated life choice.  Initially I was intrigued by this man’s story, what brought him to this point and well… a thousand more questions regarding logistics alone.

The concept of moving and processing certainly goes together.

But this man’s choice really isn’t so far off from some of our own journeys. Recently, I heard someone say that we all have a turning point in our life.  We define ourselves by that turning point – essentially we view ourselves as being two different entities before and after that event. But it typically takes something to startle us, jolt us, move us. This event can help us evolve or stunt us from growing.

When we choose to flourish it is known as Post Traumatic Growth, not to be confused with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This means that following a traumatic life event we have a choice to write a story that builds and expands, that moves forward footstep by footstep (Post Traumatic Growth Research Group). We have the choice to conquer longer paths and climb mountains not for the sake of views but for an expedition that continues to define us and the connections we value.

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For more information on Post Traumatic Growth we recommend this site.


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