A good friend of mine called me to recite her new health goals.  As suspected, they were the the same ones I’ve heard over the past few years: lose weight, save more, be nicer to her boyfriend. I completely support her in all of these but I had to wonder, why is it that we (certainly myself included!) focus intently on the same things and seemingly end up right where we started?

Life is filled with several natural new beginnings. Feelings of renewal and focus, a chance to start anew and have a sense of a fresh clean slate occur often.

We are creatures of habit.

Many of the things we are interested in changing are engrained within our environment we surround ourselves in. What happens around us becomes a critical piece of the puzzle. Change occurs within the dynamic system we live in not in a simple concern-then-solution vacuum.

Rag-to-riches poster child Jim Rohn once stated “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  

Those around us effect our choices in life – from choosing to go to a movie or a walk in the park, choosing to open another bottle of wine, even in determining our personal values. When looking at change, it is critical to look at the whole picture – your surroundings plus those we allow to share our space.

Ask these questions:

  1. Does work or personal cultures challenge or allow time spent in a comfort zone?
  2. What change appears too difficult to achieve for improving health?

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