Who said we feed more than one brain? The butterflies, the stomach and head aches, inflammation, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, and many other common illnesses.

Our head brain is similar to a car battery. It powers the body. Our gut brain is similar to a car transmission. It turns everything entering the body into energy.

Here’s how this breaks down. Our gut houses a system called the enteric nervous system. It communicates to our head brain feelings that exceed hunger. Our head brain directly communicates to our gut brain the conversion of sensations to feelings. This information exchange regulates hormone secretion.

Stress strains our mood-regulating hormone, serotonin, by a whooping 95%! Organs suffer from that much serotonin.

Stress is as common as life choices. It’s not bad. The culprit is how or if we are preparing for stress then managing it when it happens.

Stress management is taking action by voting for a healthy mind, body, and work environment. Initial exploration to these actions begin with asking these questions:

  1. What are you fueling yourself with daily?
  2. What calming activities do you incorporate through your day?
  3. Does the sight of your workspace bring a sense of organized satisfaction?

GIG DESIGN | Physical Lifestyle


DESIGN^taste | In context of demographics and behavioral standards picky eaters will look past being picky when calmed by an explorative feeding style.


DESIGN^taste | In any occupation hydration is key to staying on game within your roles. If flat water is difficult to pallet then try adding carbonation.


DESIGN^taste | In sense of body capacities this book holds all the secrets.

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