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Initiate our services by choosing a package that achieves your business mission, vision, and goals. Each employee submits an assessment measuring their contribution to competitive advantage, employee health and wellness, productivity, turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism.

The process to initiate services:

  • When a package is purchased one employee is identified to initiate services.
  • Upon package purchase one meeting is scheduled to discuss and collaborate on next steps.
  • We distribute email(s) to specified employees to share who we are.
  • A prompt and weblink is included in the email to submit the Performance Assessment.
  • The 15-minute, quantitative and qualitative assessment assigns performance behavior and outcome values to 38 questions. There are a total of 56 questions.
  • Upon submission a bar graph of actionable behaviors, their definitions and performance factors are presented.
  • Once all assessments are submitted a bar graph measuring performance outcomes is emailed to our Client.
  • A coaching follow-up assessment is prompted following the final coaching session. Business packages include re-assessments every 90-days to measures improvements.