Often it is unsettling to listen to the ache in the voice of a peer sharing sorrowful or traumatic news. The pain conveyed in their dilemma may even be palpable. One effective way of coping as an active listener is meditation.

The health benefits of meditation continue to flood data supporting how it is a necessary resource for developing brain function. Meditation supports emotional regulation because it functions as a brain support for coping with dilemmas including:

  1. pain tolerance,
  2. emotional control,
  3. feelings of tension,
  4. external distractions,
  5. fear of unknowns,
  6. physical issues,
  7. absenteeism, and
  8. awareness of genetic diseases.

Questions to Ask:

  1. How is quiet time incorporated into the work day?
  2. What resources may support incorporating meditation into each day?
  3. Why might active listening to the mind be a support for reducing stress and anxiety?

A free way to medicate performance that suffers from stress and fatigue is meditation. When investing in ‘things’ to cope with emotional tolling then payment in purging, an aging body, or money is the outcome. Choose to deliver your emotional wellbeing today by scheduling a package with one of our performance coaches.

GIG Design | Emotional Wellbeing


DESIGN^interceptive | Self-communicate with reminders that ‘it’s time to invest’ in reducing issues from negative, avoidant, aversive, or defensive behaviors.


DESIGN^smell | Engage in meditation at the office by sitting in the aroma of calming, balancing cedar.


DESIGN^sensory-craving | Comforting textures and dim-lit in consideration to achieve your best meditation environment if with an insatiable drive for enhanced sensory experiences.


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