Creative ideas are secured to become authentic solutions when desire meets success. Remarkable, successful outcomes are tangible. Being calm during work frenzy is emotionally tangible. Instantly reducing costly health issues is cash profitable – tangible.

Occupational therapy is a profession that creates experts to guide individuals actively seeking the most magnificent outcomes in life. Individuals, populations or organizations have benefited from our services for over 200 years. Here’s how:

Occupational therapists deliver occupational performance. This ability to act or do an activity within a life transaction, context and activity profits two ways:

  1. Improvement or when limitations in performance is present;
  2. Enhancement or when performance limitation isn’t present.

We focus on adaption for those desiring to change responses to occupational (as in occupational performance) challenges. Modifying tasks, products and environments is our speciality.

Health and wellbeing  – the social and personal responsibility to uphold physical, mental and social capabilities – is to effectively ‘do’ life. We are expertly trained to identify latent lifestyle needs.

Can’t get personal satisfaction in congruency with cultural expectations?  Participation is one consistent observation we do immediately that often facilitates astonishing solutions.

The outcome of prevention leads to excellence and wise aging. Our foundation is science of mind, body, and soul. We use our wisdom holistically, in every context, in effort to secure responsible aging.

Our profession’s organizational mission is improving the quality of life for individual’s.  We envision people independently appraising life satisfaction with hope, self-concept, health and function.

Role of competence is to effectively meet the demands of lifestyle roles. An occupational therapy professional’s lab is consistently dissecting the science and art of lifestyle. We inhabit it!

Securely communicating 1) strengths and needs, 2) goals, 3) and legal rights and responsibilities is self advocacy. When one or more of these three aren’t present, we are to invigorate it.

Occupational justice is access to and participation in meaningful and rich occupations afforded by others. Our profession is a key player to living justly at home, work, in the community.

Questions to Ask:
  1. What performance or work circumstance appears out of control or unchangeable?
  2. Is it difficult to access or participate in work equipment, activities and/or events?
  3. Is there a lack of security to communicate performance needs, goals, and/or rights?

Schedule a package to work with one of our performance coaches for achieving magnificent outcomes at work and in life.

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