Planning what I wear to work has been harder over the past year. With shared spaces, what should easily be a 15 minute or less routine, often becomes a hunt.  Where did my favorite top go? Running between laundry baskets or digging into drawers is not uncommon.  I know my role with morning crazies requires a change in multiple areas: environment, obtaining specific items, senses, attitude.

Consider reorganizing closet space

The closet situation is not working out.  Hangers are a desired item in this bedroom.  I thought back on a time when this was not an issue. Picture a large closet with a glowing light filling it.  That closet brought about borderline morning miracles on a daily basis.

Clothing Simplicity

The next area to tackle was my mind.  Was my desire to switch it up with too many options an overwhelming pre-coffee decision?  This led me to a concept I haven’t previously explored: uniforms.  Not the traditional stark uniform but a few simple, interchangeable working outfits. I like this concept a lot.


Attitude is a little harder to change. Music to start the day helps but doesn’t always make it into the routine.  As a bonus, I added in easy access to morning music. Something simple to shift my thought process to a rhythm based start.

The shift happened. I went from morning crazies to a calming routine. It goes hand-in-hand with an easy 5-10 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea and plan my day. Planning for the things that matter instead of searching for matching shoes.

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