photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Loyalty in Life

The word “loyalty” has deep roots. “Loyalty in life” involves perception and emotion. It’s similar to allegiance and includes a sense of duty.

At times our behavior isn’t loyal to our values. Like snapping at someone you love because you are sleep deprived or hungry. This is an example of how loyalty can waver due to poor self-regulation. Sleep is one of the first things to go as a result of job deadlines, travel or family obligations. Anxiety becomes the antagonist to lack of loyalty!

GIG Design’s whole being performance method┬árecognizes the following six core aspects:

  1. Physical

  2. Occupational

  3. Intellectual

  4. Spiritual

  5. Social

  6. Emotional

The first step is to recognize your self-regulation issues. Loyalty in life directly affects your health, your relationships, and your success. Creative Wellbeing begins with our WholeBe Toolkits. Sign up below or contact us to learn about our supportive resources.

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