While on a laidback visit with family in Delaware, I came to a hard realization.  Something was not working. I was losing items left and right.  I was losing things like my jacket, the dog dish, and my glasses.  It was a wakeup call.  I became aware things needed to change because I knew it was my anxiety creeping in.

Slowly, I put the pieces together to try and wrap my head around this. You would’ve thought that would be obvious after being on my sixth pair of sunglasses and looking at a jewelry box filled with missing earrings.  However, some lessons take longer to learn than others.

Keeping track of things can be a full time job.  Luckily, I surround myself with very observant people and a boyfriend who always checks the couch cushion before we leave.

Talk about context, environment, and space recently led me to a new approach.  Change the environment and you change your behavior. Simple. Sign me up! Exploring what that looks like definitely requires individualization. Which of the following possibilities resonate with you?



DESIGN^joint and muscle | loose the difficult closures, gain the softness of leather, keep things organized. bonastre


visible storage | moa baskets – eva marguerre and marcel besau
DESIGN^joint and muscle | storage with a playful ‘pull. Mag Container Magnetic Box set – MSY & Nosigner’s


DESIGN^over-responsivity | reduce countertop clutter
DESIGN^under-responsivity | uncluttered focal point

Put the object in its place when you’re thinking about it before the next big idea strikes. Keep a big idea to-do list. If it’s important, it will become priority.

By the way, we’re house hunting.  We will soon be living out of boxes, sharing small spaces and organizing again. My top desires in a new home are good bookcases and solid closet space.

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