To say, ‘live and learn’ is all toooo cliche, yet so true! Here’s an example of a recent teachable moment plus five steps to reduce being unaware of what life may be teaching you. It began with how often I use my pool.

You see, I moved into a new place just over a year ago.  Initially, I envisioned living near the ocean with a roommate to balance out the cost of additional preferences. I ended up with a better option: my own space with a pool. It took me nine months to use it!

Now, this is odd because one way I calm myself is by touch, so my quick go-to may be a soft blanket, a hug or a bath.  Daily I gazed past the function of the pool with eyes only of admiration for its beauty. There was no thought to jump in when stressed.

That is, until last week.

The day after my blissful dip I couldn’t help to question this blind behavior.

What is one thing you see with eyes of admiration verses purpose or prosperity?

Life presented this one situation but now I’m awake to my surroundings. So, live and learn, right?

Here are those five steps to initiate action instead of simmering in feeling:

  1. Be consistent to vulnerably share with someone you trust those triggers to stress.
  2. Be open to their reply and direction.
  3. Make a list of stress-relievers.
  4. Look at the surrounding objects, people, and places to become aware of what health resources are available.
  5. Keep reviewing short and long term goals.

It took stress to get me in the pool.  However, now it’s become an alternative workout, a bed to gaze at the stars, and a means to wake up.

Aging is a fantastic way to identify behavior patterns. If it’s a destructive pattern, hopefully there’s a will to attempt change. Although, patterns don’t necessarily have to be good or bad. They’re an alert to everyday choices.




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