Lay Down Sleepy Head. You’ll Be Wiser For It.

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We personally know Client Want, Client Fear, and Client Loathe. Which one are you?

“I want to sleep more.” 

Client Want follows trends. Their routines may include caffeine to wake or to keep aroused, sugar to quickly surge energy, social media to distract, or saying ‘yes’ to all things. The body works naturally by following a biological clock according to daylight patterns. Find this rhythm. Rest assured a full night of sleep will be the reward. Values in diet, exercise, creativity, spirituality, and social behaviors directly effect the body’s ability to lead a peaceful slumber.

GIG Design identifies sleep as an ‘occupation’ within a physical lifestyle. It’s fundamental to wellbeing. In solo pursuit of more sleep, begin a sleep diary. Log how and when daily values are applied and their outcomes.

“I’m afraid to sleep.”

Client Fear pushes sleeping aside. Their belief is if they sleep they lose time to accomplish their necessary game plan. Harvard Health not only confirms investing in sleep returns greater performance, it demonstrated dreaming improves memory. Proof! Why fear napping or sleep when it improves problem-solving? Controlling the body’s behavior by denying sleep jeopardizes the body’s ability to be free from illness, weight gain, moodiness, stress, mental clarity, patience, and overall problem solving.

GIG Design experts observe the fullness of an individual’s lifestyle to pinpoint what causes fear. Get past fear to honor a tired body. Even a six minute snooze boosts recall.

“I loath sleeping.”

Client Loath focuses on external rewards. Their future focuses on ‘Me’ verses ‘We’. We is the employer, the spouse, the kids, the friends…the insurance company, the 401K, the retirement plan. In the Journal of Neuroscience research recognized the brain naturally regenerates new cells. If you loathe the idea of health care costs rising or dependency on others then get your sleep on. Approximately 7.5 hours of sleep is the average ‘sweet-spot’ for bodily organs to function with less onset of future disease.

GIG Design’s services include design surroundings and products. We know this is essential for wellbeing success. Anticipate sleep with softened textiles, subtle bedroom décor, bedroom specifically used for sleeping. Lay down sleepy head. You’ll be wiser for it. 



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