The first reflection of a person is said to be witnessed in a still, calm body of water. Following, craftsmen caught onto the fact that a polished stone, like copper and bronze, provided much sought after mirrors for grooming. Today the task of mirrors reaches beyond your reflection to reflect your best self in metaphor or form.

Reflection also takes shape as a thought, value or goal.

When your arrow aims at healthy roles, habits and performance, then design your environment to support following through at your very best.  Steelcase recently blogged on their 360 Research page that wellbeing is systematic and holistic. “The team went on to conclude that the places where people come together to work can be designed to have a positive impact on a variety of dimensions of worker wellbeing.”

Interior Design for positive aspects and results in your life.  Below are ideas that may kick start your creativity within to make some changes in and around your home or office. A healthy way to stimulate performance.

GIG DESIGN | Spiritual Performance


DESIGN^interceptive | Consider how being surrounded by glass walls or living exposed to daylight would affect your behaviors within your relationship to time.


DESIGN^interceptive | Consider what lifestyle roles – such as leisure, play, rest, or self-care – you may improve interaction with others.


DESIGN^hear | Body capacities respond to sensory information, like this waterfall; does the sound of cascading water impact your desire to being well?

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