Inhaling scents directly effects moodiness. A scent like coffee may become a game changer in the workplace. Yet, which scents are truly helping or hindering work? Unity, health, and confidence may be produced by just one scent.

We may create a common place by using external factors because they effect each of our internal factors.

This second annual bean report in celebration of Easter reveals inhaled effects from the scents of lavender and coffee. A bean and a bud captures the essence of Easter in a variety of ways. The emphasis here is the need to do: plant it to produce. Did you know ‘GIG’ is the acronym for ‘Good Is Ground’? Similar to beans and buds, when the terrain is fitting the crop produces.

Scent aids in changing behaviors. A drafted scent can produce improved performance.

Within your office are scents producing something in each person. Exactly what? Find out with a workplace study.

  1. Use half ounce or larger glass jars and fill one with coffee beans and one with lavender buds. We used a beaner and farmer within our service regions.
  2. Select then stick with one context as a prompt for when to inhale it. For example, breathe in the coffee beans ten full inhalations when feeling lazy; breathe in the lavender buds ten full inhalations when feeling anxious.
  3. Last, measure peer responses within a timeframe following the inhalation of one scent.

Influence of Fragrances on Human Psychophysiological Activity: With Special Reference to Human Electroencephalographic Response.

Why we mind our office smells.

How often does odors catch your attention? The phenomenon of how aroma stimulates each of us is valuable in consideration of what distracts and improves our ability to focus. Let science reveal the data about aroma’s effect using lavender and coffee:


  • Anxiety and tension reduced while vigour improved as tested with aromatherapy diffusers in the performance stations of 42 workers with an age average of 42 years old.
  • The pleasantness and intensity of an aroma’s role varied in effectiveness as in a study of 92 adults.
  • Scented cream was one of four stress remedies observed within 93 professionals over 30 days. Compared to the other groups, the scented cream prevailed to lower stress with a 12% reduction in negative effects, 10% improvement in positive effects, and 8% improvement in life satisfaction.
  • Electroencephalograph testing reveals olfactory stimulation alters cognition, mood, and social behavior.


  • Inhaled lavender was found to positively effect sleep by ~10%, energy ~30%, and vibrancy ~50% in 79 college students.
  • Lavender aromatherapy significantly reduced anxiety to it’s placebo counterpart by 30% in 87 women.
  • Inhaling lavender for 4 weeks can prevent stress, anxiety, and depression after childbirth as the impact level of 50% indicated in 140 women.
  • Over 15 days of inhaling 2% lavender essence oil 60% of adults sleep improved and anxiety reduced.
  • Nearly a 50% improvement in sleep quality of 79 college students was found when lavender aromatherapy was included in sleep hygiene.


Very little research is available on the direct effects of coffee’s aroma. “The break may be more important than the coffee,” says Doctor Logan with Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt Institute of Coffee Studies has made coffee research and providing resources for us all a primary priority. There has been one clinical study on coffee’s aroma. It compared four groups of rats. The results indicated the rats produced more protein, plus anti-oxidant and anti-stress functions when a draft of coffee was introduced.


So, start exploring the present scents in your workplace. Trial drafts of aroma. Coffee beans and lavender buds are fairly simple to come across in local health stores or supermarkets. Use this free Measured Scent Form to see the results. Even a smelly experiment without measuring creates conversations around office scents. The bottom line will improve an overall awareness of your and your peers performance levels.


Gene response profile of the four groups of rats smelling coffee. Control group had no stress, no coffee draft; Stress group had no sleep, no coffee draft; Coffee group had sleep and coffee draft; Stress + Coffee group had no sleep and a coffee draft. The red arrows point to protein responses at time of stimulation (coffee draft); the yellow arrows at time of reducing stimulation.




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