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Do you believe it’s possible to reduce or increase your creativity?

Recently a friend challenged me to try the following formula:

30+ minutes of movement + outdoors + listening solely to the sounds of the natural surroundings = a boost of creativity by 90%!

Initially, this came as no surprise. Does it to you?

Research continues to prove that we can enhance our natural creativity. In addition to regulating sleep, body temperature and libido, Serotonin is also proven to increase creativity.*  Serotonin levels increase with exposure to bright light, exercise, diet (chickpeas and wild seeds vs meat proteins), and self-induced changes in mood.** My friend’s formula falls right in line with these four natural ways to get a creative boost.

So, why is it important to increase your creativity? Harvard Business Review encourages a core competence that defies discipline and Forbes offers the metaphor that, “It helps [to] deposit confidence in our cerebral bank accounts.”

Here’s the idea, you give your body what it needs to be creative. It doesn’t start with learning how to draw, play an instrument or knit a hat. Simply attend to the ‘feel-good’ vibes of moving and observing. Join me – try the formula then share your results!

Thank you friend. You nudged me into action that will result in better health.


Today I gave it a try. The days I work in a rehab setting seem to challenge post-work needs. I worked over six hours with rehab clients and then walked home. It’s a sixty minute walk that winds through neighborhoods and busy streets. Below is a photo journal sharing how my senses led me.

When I arrived to the studio, my creativity was ON! Plus, I didn’t loose motivation for my workout. Now, I’m finishing this sentence then off for stimulating conversation with friends. Thrilled I took this challenge.

My car will stay in park more frequently because of it (love that idea).

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