Sometimes I find it strange when I’m surrounded by quiet people.  It seems that I am surrounded by “noisy brains”. Of course, I need to quiet my head-talk to get to that thought. One comforting idea is, what if everyone replaced listening to their head-talk by watching a picture-reel. Imagine their words becoming images.

We often mistake ‘play’ as a child’s activity.  However, adults play too. Patterned play begins with being imaginative. The life cycle of play is a conceptive (mental) moment arching towards nourishment and habits of the spirit, creativity, and relationships.

Shame is linked to experiences of creative failure. Adults who deny feeling ashamed invest in the pattern of play. Play is also coined as abductive reasoning.

Questions to Ask:
  1. Define what ‘play’ currently is in your workplace?
  2. Are you able to form mental pictures?
  3. What is one performance habit linked to shame?

Humans are wired with an ability to change. Begin imagining that picture-reel of changing that unhealthy habit. Mental images have power to overcome adversities. Our coaches use WholeBeSM to facilitate design sensibility resulting in improved design thinking and behavior change. Schedule the Equip Package to initiate WholeBeSM today.

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