Last week over 50% of attendees bailed on a workshop. The subject was meeting and managing stress. Employees didn’t have the time due to reported demanding deadlines. Additional reports were feelings of stress.

So, how do we motivate a stressed-out work force into meaningful work activities through reduced stress and improved performance?

There are numerous industries in our country’s work force offering an array of roles and tasks to fit diverse desires of job-seekers. The act of work becomes a big problem when it exchanges the initial outcome-oriented fulfillment for daily boredom or unmanageable stress.

Research offers directive, evidence-based strategies to be satisfied with and at work.

One result of research is The Self-Determination Theory. It exposes satisfaction of our psychological needs and the relationship between what we do and how happy we are.

The paper how trait and state personality predict daily wellbeing shared research on the ability to control being extraverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and with an openness to experiences. Participants were partially mediating their level of satisfaction. Being agreeable and emotionally stable were the strongest predictors of wellbeing.

Paradoxical to wellbeing is stress.

For most, being agreeable intensifies stress because of agreeing to do more daily activities. The key to this study was the mediating. One aspect was measuring participants psychological needs to potentially mediate their state of personality and daily emotions. That is, some ‘thing’ connected them with their colleagues or some ‘task’ enabled them to be or feel accomplished. Being agreeable strengthens team work, therefore results in reducing or better managing daily activities.

The research concluded the need to identify the mediators to daily situation-selection and choices.

Good news! GIG Design offers a collaborative coaching relationships resulting in identifying individuals unique mediators. Every one of our Client’s testified they became empowered in their daily performance. Our coaching improves one or more physical, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional personality traits.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Become the best at what is meaningful to you. Let work become a day filled with meaningful activities.