I love receiving packages in the mail.  With every opened package it feels like an undocumented holiday.  This last week my laptop was fixed and shipped back to me thus making last Wednesday officially Laptop Day for me! Thank goodness the delivery persons truly did handle my laptop with care so that it could be returned safely from across the country.

This last week, I heard someone mention that we should handle all living things with care – including ourselves.

This sounded so very simple. From the get-go the social golden rule was to always say “please”.  Being mindful of this throughout the week, I realized how much deeper it was than that.

When the alarm went off, I wanted to sleep in and I initially thought Wow, second time this week! Twice during meetings I didn’t have any patience and wanted to yell “LISTEN!” to my coworkers. Countless moments of eye-rolling with it.

But its not solely what you know.  To be effective in anything, whether at work or home, its important to recognize in those moments listening is difficult or to recognize what someone is going through.

Empower your performance by seizing these helpless moments.

This brings ease to find common ground and handle self and others with care.  It becomes easier to help someone through a rough time and to promote growth.

That certainly qualifies for creating-a-new-holiday. So worthy.

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